[Gta04-owner] That thread with lots of links in

thomasg thomas at gstaedtner.net
Sat Feb 18 18:53:03 CET 2012

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 18:24, Bob Ham <rah at bash.sh> wrote:
> thomasg, the thread to which you've just responded is a blatant attempt
> to generate google hits.  By responding, you're actually helping them
> make the Net a worse place.  Particularly by quoting the URLs.  Please
> don't respond to the thread.  Sending a message that includes anything
> from that email; subject, text, URLs, even the message ID, will help
> them in their quest for google hits.  Please disrupt their anti-social
> behaviour by not engaging with them.
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Hello Bob,

the thread to which you refer does seem to have valid questions, at least to me.
I use E-Mail, as such I don't care how the content of E-Mails might be
validated by 3rd parties over unrelated 3rd party protocols.
If someones webmail client generates advertisements according to the
content of any mail, it is none of my business.

Also, google does not care about E-Mail for their search machine
service - however, they of course crawl through the web archive.
For this case the archive on goldelicio.com correctly sets this
header: <META NAME="robots" CONTENT="index,nofollow">

If other 3rd party archives don't and other search engines don't care,
why should it be any of my business?

As such, I have absolutely no understanding to your criticism and the
reason why you would write this mail.


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