[Gta04-owner] Beta Tester's Report

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Feb 14 10:35:42 CET 2012

On Monday 13 February 2012 09:34:27 Sven Dyroff wrote:

> Hello Christoph, Radek and all others,
> thank you for your answers and your further inquiries. Over the weekend I
> played around some more with QtMoko and I can tell you the following:
> Starting the phone
> I always have to boot it twice. After poweron and first boot it will hang
> showing the numeric keypad and the message "Please Wait...". I can touch
> numbers but I don't have an unlock button. I have to press the power
> button instead and choose "Restart Device". Only after the second boot I
> get the message "Enter PIN then press Unlock".

Hi Sven,
i dont use PIN so i havent noticed it. I can try to turn the PIN on and see if 
it happens for me too.

> Power management
> I charge the battery completely. After constantly seeing five balks
> "Applications" / "NeoControl" shows me:
>     Capacity: 100
>     Voltage: 4184000
>     Charge: 1097775 (which indeed seems to be maximum)
>     Energy: 3946380 (which indeed seems to be maximum)
>     Temperature: 316
> I switch off the Phone by pressing the power button and choosing "Shutdown
> Device", then I remove the power supply. After twelve hours lying on my
> table by a constant surrounding temperature of 17-19 °C I switch it on
> again and after having the chance to enter my PIN, I see only three balks.
> "NeoControl" shows me:
>     Capacity: 62
>     Voltage: 3853000
>     Charge: 678657 (constantly decreasing)
>     Energy: 2500980 (constantly decreasing)
>     Temperature: 266
> The secret service of which country had access to my phone in the
> meantime?

It's more likely that something is not being turned off properly. On my 
GTA04A03 i cant completely switch off GSM module for example.

> Power supply
> With an USB connection to a PC or with an USB AC adapter from a Sony
> Ericsson handy (that obviously activly replies to USB requests) I got no
> problems. But with a simple USB AC adapter that only delivers power
> without reacting on USB requests I got very strange results. First the
> phone didn't react at all. Later the icon in the upper right corner showed
> charging. So never I would have expected that after some time of charging
> I'll suddenly get the message that the battery is about to run very low.
> Much more surprised I've been to see that after removing the supply the
> icon still showed charging and charging and charging and charging......

The charging icon is now not working very good. It's quite easy to fix it - i 
hope it will be ok for next release. It's best to check charging in NeoControl 
which directly prints values from /sys.

> Outgoing calls
> It's 100% reproducible and doesn't matter when you try it. You call a
> number, let it ring once or twice, then touch "End Call". The called phone
> will continue to ring as long until you it pick up and listen to the busy
> signal you'll get after a short pause.

I have changed yesterday my phone operator and now i can't do calls at all - i 
hope they fix it asap. I will take a look then...

> Incoming calls
> I made a little mistake in my previous description. The phone doesn't ring
> only once but four or five times until it says "missed call". Then it
> continues to ring four or five times until it says "missed call" again,
> and so on. But when trying it again and again, I found that sometimes
> there's a little bit different behaviour. Then it rings only two times,
> then makes a pause of some seconds, then it rings five times again, then
> it throws the "missed calls" message and then it continues to ring and to
> ring and to ring although the calling phone already gives you the mailbox
> of the called number. In the end I can tell you that in 100% of all tries
> it never behaved like it should, but I cannot tell you when it will make
> what.

I will take look too. Please note that there was nearly no work done on AT 
support for GTA04 modem. I was busy with audio routing. So i hope i can see 
and fix some obvious bugs now.

> Erasing "Missed call" messages
> Thanks to your hint I found a way that works. When having the list with
> all the "missed call" messages, you call the menu and choose "clear".
> You'll get a screen titled "Clear Call History". Press on "missed calls"
> and get the question "Are you sure you want to delete: all missed items?".
> Touch "Yes" and the phone says "Missed Calls" "No items". After that,
> they're ALL really gone.
> But what if you only want to delete some of them? That's the way I tried
> first and for 100% it doesn't work although it should. Just get the list
> of "missed calls". Touch one of them in order to see its details. THEN
> call the menu and choose "delete". You'll get the question "Delete Call
> History Item" "Are you sure you want to delete this item from the call
> history?". Choose "yes" and wonder why the item is still there...

Yes it looks like a bug.

> Net strength
> After having typed in the PIN the GTA04 searches for net. Then for a short
> time it reports highly available net with four or even five balks and a
> "G" aside. But then it goes down to one or two balks, shows a "3" aside
> and remains there at this very low level. Why? I always get this effect.

It should display what modem return. You can enable Logging->Categories->Modem 
AT commands and do

	tail -f /var/log/messages

You should see then what modem returns - the interesting lines contain _OSIGQ. 
Maybe i am just incorrectly interpreting the results. I am currently expecting 
values between 0..31. Higher number better signal.

But you are right that something is quite strange with these numbers. The 
phone is now lying on my desk and i have:

AtChat :  N : "_OSIGQ: 20,0" 
AtChat :  N : "_OSIGQ: 18,0" 
AtChat :  N : "_OSIGQ: 20,0" 
AtChat :  N : "_OSIGQ: 18,0" 

then few moments later...

AtChat :  N : "_OSIGQ: 9,0" 
AtChat :  N : "_OSIGQ: 5,0" 
AtChat :  N : "_OSIGQ: 3,0" 
AtChat :  N : "_OSIGQ: 7,0" 
AtChat :  N : "_OSIGQ: 9,0" 

Btw if you are still willing to test the phone, it would be nice to have 
always enabled AT commands logging category. It can give nice hints for GSM 
related stuff.

> Handling the touch
> I like that the GTA04 has a resistive touch. So it detects very precisely
> where you touch it when using a pen. But it's not quite accurate to detect
> how long you touch it. Choose the "Games" menu and try to play
> "Minesweeper". I bet you're not able to flag at least three mines, because
> you'll explore before. OK, I didn't spend 854 EUR in order to play
> "Minesweeper", but I tell you that because there are some other menues
> where I get a long list of items, unfortunately without a TOUCHABLE slider
> aside. Just call "Devtools" for example and try to get through the list.
> Again and again it will happen that you unintentionally choose an item.
> Then a terminal session opens and something happens what you never wanted
> and where at least I don't know what it is. Very very nasty!
> Other long menu without touchable slider is the "Settings" menu. Again and
> again I choosed items I never wanted to choose when trying to slide up or
> down. But at least in this case no actions started at once, where only
> Gurus know what they do. In this case at least I always had the chance to
> touch the "back" item or choose to get some help in order to explore where
> I was.
> But there are wonderful fine working examples where you can see what I
> want. Try "Settings" / "Application Services" or "Applications" / "System
> Info". Please place these thouchable sliders aside every list or long
> menu!

I see but i am not sure how easy would it be. These are probably different 
widgets. Besides i think you will get used to the touchscreen after few days. 

I saw people have this problem when i lend them the phone. On the other side i 
dont have this problem anymore, so it's probably matter of practice.

Maybe there is some global setting in Qt where you can specify treshold what 
is click and what is slide. This could be easier then adding scrollbars.

> Display backlight
> It's interesting to find the possibility to dim the backlight or to set up
> a time after that it switches off automatically within the "Power
> Management" and not within the "Appearance" item of the "Settings" menu,
> but thanks to your hint I finally found it. But that only solves half of
> the problem. The other half remains unsolved: What if you lock your phone
> by touching the "Lock" item of the main screen and then put the phone into
> your pocket? At every little touch the diplay and its backlight go on
> again and again until the battery is empty. I would expect that one second
> after I locked the phone the display will switch off despite how long I
> set up the time (in my case I set it up to one MINUTE, otherwise I would
> not have been able to play a game like "Fifteen Pieces"...). And then I
> would expect that I need to press the power button for a short time in
> order to switch it on again.
> Currently after locking the phone display backlight will switch off after
> 20 seconds despite how long I set up the time. And please tell me: Why on
> earth does it switch on periodically every 4 minutes again and again for
> another 20 seconds each while lying somewhere being locked and not being
> touched???

Please make sure that you set Suspend interval in Power Management. Select the 
"When locked" from the combo and set "Suspend" to 10s. It will put the phone 
in standby mode 10s after locking the screen. Touching the screen should not 
wake it up then. Also you will get much better battery life.

I have set some sane intervals in GIT and they will be default for next 

> Internet
> OK, I found the correspondence you mentioned. But sorry, I need a
> translation for bloody beginners. Already the first advice is a mystery
> for me: "0/ connect to /dev/ttyHS3  (others might work)". What does this
> mean? Do I really need to connect the phone with a PC in order to get
> mobile internet? Not very practical because intrinsically  I bought the
> GTA04 in order to be able to let my PC at home when I want to surf for
> example in a bus......

I have now made wifi working quite nicely. I plan now the 3G internet to be 
just on one click. I hope it will be ready for next QtMoko release.

> Please give me a chance to find out if "Arora" really is a browser because
> I never heared this name before.

It's now called "Arora web browser", i hope this will be clear...

> And within the conversation it has been
> said that you're able to manage your mails with the GTA04. What program
> offers QtMoko for reading and writing Mails?

It's the same program as for reading SMS. You can setup email account there - 
the last item here [1] and use context menu to set it up.

> Installing my own Applications
> For example there's an ARM-version of Firefox available. How do I install
> programs like that under QtMoko? I extra bought a fast and big SD-card in
> order to be able to make such experiments without failing due to low or
> slow memory...

There is application called "QX" which lets you run applications which require 
X server. E.g. you can run gtk apps like chromium. QX is not perfect (yet), 
but after learning how to work with it it's quite nice. You can see some 
screenshots here [2] to give you idea.

> The last question
> What does it mean when the power button shines green instead of red?

Hmm interesting, i always see red.

> Best regards,
>    Sven

Thanks for taking time for your testing.



[1] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/screenshots/messages.png
[2] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/screenshots/qx.png

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