[Gta04-owner] Some questions about the GTA04A4

Jack Jones sanctuarys3172 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 11 20:10:44 CET 2012

just to clarify folks--when coming to the formatting of the sd card the final stages:Isthe command[ mkfs.msdos -F  32 /dev//sdd1 -n  
                                   or:    mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdd1

or are these commands the same,,i notice there  is no vfat    filesystem in the partition table---can you advise me here?

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>So its possible to get 100% working display stuff without using a single 
>closed-source library if you dont need 3D?

>If so, that's probably more open 
>than other PowerVR devices I have seen like the Nokia N900 where 
>closed-libraries are required even for 2D (libraries like libpvr2d.so and 
I wouldn't say they are required, on SHR they are not required.

however the n900 is very badly supported in SHR(no one works on it, I could 
work on it but I think the gta04 is more important...so I work on gta02 and 
gta04 currently).
also the n900 has:
* a non-free signed bootloader
* a working GPS is attached to the modem.

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