[Gta04-owner] Just two boring user questions

tango at riseup.net tango at riseup.net
Tue Feb 7 20:08:18 CET 2012

Hi everybody,
I just recieved my new GTA04, right now some questions arise.
maybe stupid but I didn't find the answer on gta04.org or qtmoko.

1.) I followed the rootfs-guide
and LXDE started up without any problems. Fast and fine !
But LXDE is "just proof-of-concept-Linux" without phone capabilities, or
am I wrong ?
So I tried to install illume and/or zhone, but that didn't work (with
the default repositories).

2) Then I tried to install QTMoko-gta04-v38. I followed the instructions
on sourceforge and just left the /boot files from the first LXDE-install
in place (MLO etc) replacing only uimage and configs. After that i
deleted everything on the EXT-partition and un-tared the
Well, it started up but after date/time-configuration it always freezes
with the "gray-clock-of-death" ;-).

I know that some of you might shake their heads but maybe somebody could
help me out,


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