[Gta04-owner] offering gta04 phone

mx4812 at arcor.de mx4812 at arcor.de
Fri Dec 21 13:18:57 CET 2012


I am offering my full set of GTA04A4 hardware at a price of 650 euros.

The package is comparable to the OpenPhoenux 2804
package, but complete with charger and accessories.

The board is installed in an original black GTA02 "neo freerunner" case, 
together with display, antennas, speaker, mic, etc. (complete mobile phone).

 * original black Openmoko GTA02 "neo" case with GTA04 board installed
 * full "invisible shield" coating
 * Micro fibre cleaning cloth
 * FIC standard battery pack (1200mA Li-ion)
 * MicroSD Adapter
 * Stylus
 * Openmoko power adapter 100-240V (three types of plugs)
 * USB data/power cable
 * original Openmoko retail box

Aside from the board the items are used but in good condition.

I will ship the equipment without extra costs to destinations in germany,
but worldwide shipping is of course also possible, you only need to cover the extra postage.


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