[Gta04-owner] Qt upgrade eating battery?

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Sun Aug 12 17:02:07 CEST 2012

Neil Jerram <neil at ossau.homelinux.net> writes:

> In summary, it looks like I can now get down to a reasonable suspend
> current, but I need to experiment a bit more carefully to discover
> exactly what the relevant steps are.

Well I owe everyone an apology for the noise...  It finally turns out
that QtMoko works perfectly for me, as far as power is concerned, if I
just revert a change that I made to qpe.sh (commenting out the rfkill
line) for v45.

In summary, I just needed to (1) increase my bluetooth UART speed (as
described at
http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-kernel/page/Wireless/) and (2)
revert my own changes to qpe.sh.


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