[Gta04-owner] [Community] What software are we still missing on GTA04 distributions?

Robin Seidel spielraum at web.de
Sat Aug 4 14:03:12 CEST 2012

just a couple of things which came to mind a bit later regarding the software

thanks for including the new packages (emacs/anki) so quickly!
- fix time bug in topbar (time is only updated on the next minute) - for me this is pretty important as I don't have a wrist watch so I like to able to use my phone as a watch replacement
- marble-touch like on n900 for routing (it might be too have

- the reason why I would like to have a .desktop like file to tell the phone which rotation mode the app should use is that I do not want the autorotation be on all the time. for writing sms I would always want landscape mode but for editing contact I would always want portrait mode. so for a .desktop file there could be a rotation=landscape/portrait/auto with the last just taking the current rotation mode of the system.
- topbar size reduction: even with the mokofaen the topbar is still too big  in height in my opinion (also in comparison to the android on freerunner 24px mokofaen 32px). The bottom bar could work with only 42px height (android bottom push button) and all clickable objects such as keyboard on off could be placed in the bottom bar. Then the top bar would only be there as an indication for what service are currently running and which state they are in.
- marble-touch like on n900 for routing
- nice rss feedreader for audio like podboy on SHR

* QtMoko+SHR
- maybe have pocketsphinx included and set up to do some basic tasks eg start "write sms". eventually this could be a nice future add on for example to have hands free voice navigation for navit.

Is there eventually a possibility that the apps for meego/maemo could be added to SHR and/or QtMoko?

and last but not least:
If anyone want to try the different keyboards for landscape and portrait mode you can download them here (Radek, if you could provide me with your .deb build script I could make .deb packages directly on the freerunner and send them to you or place them on the qtmoko manual)

best regards and "Hut ab / Chapeau / Kudos to all the developers / ..."


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