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On Thu, 26 Apr 2012 19:19:20 +0200 Mario Barcala
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> Hi all:
> I am new to this list and have not a GTA04 yet, but I'm thinking
> about buying one. I want to free my phone :)
> I'm worried about battery life. I have read Radek mail about QtMoko
> v44, which achieves 25 mA when device is suspended = 48 hours, but, if
> I want to use the device only as GSM phone, is it possible to poweroff
> unused devides to increase autonomy? That is, is it possible to
> poweroff bluetooth, wifi, etc and get extra battery life in suspend
> and waked up also?
> Thank you and congratulations for your work.

The 25mA is with everything unnecessary turned off.  If you have wifi or
bluetooth powered, that number goes up quite a bit.

It seems likely that we can find some more things to turn off an get that
25mA down a bit more, but no-one had found the things to turn off yet (though
the sound device is the first place to look).

And if you actually use your phone at all, that average will go up.  So with
current kernel you could assume an average current of about 40mA over a
24hour period.

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