[Gta04-owner] NAND rootfs with neil's 3.2 kernel

PaulK paulk at paulk.fr
Thu Apr 5 23:05:43 CEST 2012

In order to port Replicant to the GTA04, we have chosen to use Neil's
3.2 kernel[1]. I have successfully imported Android stuff (from some
linaro 3.2 android kernel) even though stuff may require a bit more

For now, we have adb (android debug bridge) working, which permits to
access shell from USB. Though, it doesn't get far in the boot process as
we remain on initramfs: android needs various stuff that has to be
mounted (/system, /data, etc). As a result, we started wondering about
how we should "repartition" NAND following the android scheme, but it
was told that GTA04 NAND isn't reliable with the 3.2 kernel and fails to
boot quite often. We could put these in some uSD card but that is a huge
issue if we want to keep the uSD port free for cards with data shared
between multiple phones (like music, etc).

Is it currently safe to rely on NAND with neil's 3.2 kernel[1] or should
we definitely consider using only uSD?


Paul Kocialkowski, Replicant developer

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