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Maximilian Seesslen mes at seesslen.net
Sun Sep 4 18:30:39 CEST 2011


Is there no need of an audio-fabric like in a similar way as in file  

I once  had a similar problem that the Alsa device (SoC, AC97) was not 
registered and even the init functions were not called. After creating the 
audio factory everything worked (MPC Platform).

The issue was that the extern AC97-decoder/amplifier-chip had to be declared 
and initialized while the other drivers initialized MPC-side settings (GPIO 

I have no idea if this applies to GTA04 or even is tru :P .


Am Sonntag, 4. September 2011, 15:57:01 schrieb John Ogness:
> Hi,
> You will notice from patch 3, that I decided to split the various
> audio devices into their own files. I think this makes it a bit easier
> to maintain. In the case that the hw_params() hook is the same for all
> devices, you may want to add a gta04-core.c file that includes the
> shared hw_params() function, rather than having 4 copies of the same
> function.
> I included comments where you may need to write some code. (In
> hw_params() you will for sure need to add code.)
> This should boot with all 4 codecs having their own alsa devices. I
> didn't have time to do much testing, so there may be some typo's
> there. But hopefully it will help you out a bit.
> Please let me know if you have problems with the code.
> John Ogness
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