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Next year:

March 2011

What project:

Some PC motherboards allow you to control and monitor the status of the PC via a dedicated USB port 
at the back of the IO panel. It allows the user to display the current, voltage, bus speed, temp, flash the bios,
etc, and also over-clock the PC. This is why I need a device that can provide upto 500mA, to power the dedicated chip on the motherboard. 
I did own the n900, which doesn't fully support USB-OTG @ 500mA (more like 100mA, even if I add a secondary power source, still doesn't fully work).
The USB-OTG is quite rubbish on the n900. This is where the GTA04 comes in :-D. I currently got a
proof-of-concept working on my Linux net-book, I just want to tweak a few things. Will be also creating a GUI in qt4/opengl - 2D

What university?

The University Of Wolverhampton (England).

Maybe you ment Monitoring and Injection? :
Or using is for totally different purposes then GSM? :

No, I meant being able to hop onto various masses, being able to display various 
information about the mass. This is something I'd like to play about with.

Oh, sorry to ask this, as It way of already been mentioned.

Would the GTA04 allow developers to have access to the i2c host? Meaning the
SDA/SCL pins. Hopefully the access to these pins should be easy (with headers). If not, then
I’ll have to get out my soldering iron :-D.

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