[Gta04-owner] not booting?

Michael Spreng handheld-linux at m.spreng.ch
Sun Oct 23 11:20:30 CEST 2011

On 22/10/11 11:09, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Most likely it is the formatting of the SD card. The FAT partition needs a
> special number of cylinders etc. so that the file called "MLO" is at a
> specific position. The reason is that the Boot ROM of the OMAP processor
> does not understand FAT completely, but only sectors and cylinders.
> Therefore it is also important that the file MLO is copied onto the SD
> card as the first file. If you overwrite it or write a new copy, the new one
> will not be at the right position and since the old one is marked as
> free sectors, you may overwrite it with other data blocks blocks.
Ah thank you, that will most likely be it. I wasn't able to use fdisk,
because fdisk refused operation on my sd card / sd card reader. Probably
a bug in the card reader itself, as it persists with different micro sd
cards. And fdisk is too picky to continue. What does work is cfdisk, but
of course I didn't know exactly how to translate the line from the
makesd script into cfdisk. I will try to make the correct first
partition on some other block device, and then use dd to transfer it and
the partition table to the sd card. would it make sense to provide
somewhere an image, the partition table and the small FAT partition
ready to copy with dd?

Also, I noticed that the download of the files from your servers was
very slow. Would a mirror be helpful?


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