[Gta04-owner] Me too

Frank frank+gta04 at villaro-dixon.eu
Wed Oct 19 16:29:17 CEST 2011

On Wed, 19 Oct 2011 15:15:11 +0200, David Lanzendörfer wrote:
>> Hi
> Hi

>> I also had the chance to hear Richard Stallman today, and also brave
>> leviathan, who asked him again about this firmware issue. But of 
>> course
>> RMS has his principles, and as unreasonable as it looks from our 
>> view
>> point, he will keep his line where he had drawn it.
> Well. I say: "screw him"
> It's a deep philosophical insight I earned after approximately 2.5
> Liters of beer
> (at the end (Found another beer in my laptop bag while waiting for 
> the bus))
> after the talk with the guy.
> Who cares:
> We have a device whose schematics are freely available.
> The Kernel is GPL and we use GPL userspace.
> We have transparent development and you can meet us personally
> and we will even explain the schematics to someone interested.
> Same goes for code.
> We have only one single piece of unfree firmware, which you aren't
> forced to use
> (you just won't be able to use WiFi if you don't)
> So I say: this way it's more free then the crappy way he suggest,
> because this way you are even free to use unfree software.
> So screw him, we keep on doing what we are doing.
> It would be paradox if everyone would depend on one single 
> organization
> and it's antiquated pope uhh president for defining what's free or 
> unfree.
> This would drive the whole meaning of "freedom" itself ad absurdum.
> We have good intensions and if he doesn't like it screw him.
> We are transparent, we are open, we even license everything we made 
> our own
> under GPL/CC license.
> We do precautions against surveillance of unfree components.
> Sry, that we don't sleep with a Katana, I didn't sniff enough Cocain 
> yet
> to become like that [1] >_<
>> Good night
>> Michael
> -lev

I also think you're absolutely right, I fully support your arguments

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