[Gta04-owner] Me too

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Wed Oct 19 15:15:11 CEST 2011

> Hi

> Mine arrived today! unfortunately it has to wait until Friday, but then
> I will definitely test it. Already inserted battery, and the display
> back-light turned on (so first test succeeded ;)
2.6.32 works fine but QtMoko still is bugging under 3.1-rc9
I'm working on it.
I suggest to keep developing under 2.6.32 until I have made all
changes needed for using GUI and the other stuff.
> I also had the chance to hear Richard Stallman today, and also brave
> leviathan, who asked him again about this firmware issue. But of course
> RMS has his principles, and as unreasonable as it looks from our view
> point, he will keep his line where he had drawn it.
Well. I say: "screw him"
It's a deep philosophical insight I earned after approximately 2.5 Liters of beer
(at the end (Found another beer in my laptop bag while waiting for the bus))
after the talk with the guy.

Who cares:
We have a device whose schematics are freely available.
The Kernel is GPL and we use GPL userspace.
We have transparent development and you can meet us personally
and we will even explain the schematics to someone interested.
Same goes for code.

We have only one single piece of unfree firmware, which you aren't forced to use
(you just won't be able to use WiFi if you don't)

So I say: this way it's more free then the crappy way he suggest,
because this way you are even free to use unfree software.

So screw him, we keep on doing what we are doing.
It would be paradox if everyone would depend on one single organization
and it's antiquated pope uhh president for defining what's free or unfree.

This would drive the whole meaning of "freedom" itself ad absurdum.

We have good intensions and if he doesn't like it screw him.
We are transparent, we are open, we even license everything we made our own
under GPL/CC license.

We do precautions against surveillance of unfree components.

Sry, that we don't sleep with a Katana, I didn't sniff enough Cocain yet
to become like that [1] >_<
> Good night
> Michael

[1] http://xkcd.com/225/

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