[Gta04-owner] Now it is official

Boudewijn wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 23:56:19 CEST 2011

On Sunday 16 October 2011 14:20:07 Sam Tygier wrote:
> On 13/10/11 10:03, Peter Klassen wrote:
> > Hi List,
> > just a short note, (...) now it is official, i am an EA-owner :)
> mine arrived on friday :-) running loose for now as getting it into the
> case looks fiddly.
> big thanks  to all the folk behind this.

Mine was there today :-) No proof on photo yet, but the board does fit into 
case with hardly any fiddling. Instead of using an hairdryer I put the 
GTA02+display in the oven at 50 degrees for ten minutes (making sure I didn't 
touch the combi function :-x ). Then not only the glue on the tape was soft, 
but the glue under the black rubbery patch as well. After that it was 
relatively easy to take the display of.

I couldn't make up from the manual where exactly the touch screen flatcable 
was connected, but I recalled it was an integrated module after picking the 
display off. Conclusion: after disconnecting the display flatcable, there's 
only the tape holding the components together and you have to be careful with 
the conductive pads, but not with any invisible cables (correct me if I'm 
wrong though, an I inadvertisedly cut through a bunch of cables ;-) )

The USB OTG connector needs hardly more space than the original mini usb 
connector, so after scratching of just bits of the corners the board fit in 

So far the only test has been whether the backlight turns on: preparing the 
uSD has to wait till tomorrow or after.

Thanks all of you who are to blame for putting the Phoenux in my hands :-)


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