[Gta04-owner] PCB layout --- final roadblock removed!

Peter Klassen neo.freerunner at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 24 00:52:11 CET 2011

these are great news. Now this roadblock is removed, what about the CPU?
(iirc this was the remaining component that did not arrive yet.)


Am 23.03.2011 18:19, schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
> Hi all,
> as indicated by the headline, we have finally achieved:
> 	100% PCB connectivity!
> Unfortunately, it did take much more time than anticipated. The main
> problem being a good but not excellent PCB design tool which shows its
> weakness when trying to manually modify a complex multilayer board.
> But with our new helper tool it was much easier to identify and
> resolve the issues, why the autorouter did not achieve 100% connectivity
> If we ever have to redo this (e.g. to exchange major components because
> they become obsolete), I think we will need less than 3-4 weeks.
> And fixing minor issues should be even faster now.
> So I am sure you now ask yourself, what the next steps of the GTA04 core
> project will be. Here we are:
> 1. make another careful review of the PCB design
> 2. get a new quotation from our PCB manufacturer and have them check the layout and estimate production time
> 3. update component list, order the remaining components (we have already received almost all non-standard components)
> 4. have a stencil being produced
> 5. have our production partner make a program for the pick&place machine
> 6. build a first handful of units and test them
> 7. build the full batch of Early Adopter units
> 8. ship them to you
> 9. have fun to continue working all together on the kernel and drivers (we should upgrade to 2.6.38 asap)
> 10. provide a tested and pre-configured Debian Squeeze rootfs with LXDE
> 11. collect and share experiences
> Some more words about the future:
> the GTA04 core team will focus on Hardware, U-Boot and Kernel/Driver
> improvements. The Debian/LXDE will be sort of a demo/test image and
> not work on user interfaces and distributions. We hope that SHR, Hackable,
> QtMoko, Android and other open software projects will become available
> as a community effort .
> I will keep you updated on progress of these steps.
> BR,
> Nikolaus
> PS: there have been many subscription requests to this list by non-owners
> but since I think they all want to become owners as soon as we have general
> availability, I have now opened this list so that it is no longer on invitation only.
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