[Gta04-owner] updated case

Mike Frysinger vapier at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 23:24:17 CET 2011

i dont see any mention in the archives or wiki, so hopefully i'm not
missing something ...

my biggest gripes with the openmoko boil down to the casing:
 - recessed screen makes the touchscreen around the edge a pita to use
... you end up having to rotate your finger a lot and using the nail
 - not enough buttons ... android *really* likes having dedicated
volume buttons, and the current design only has two
 - putting the microsd behind the sim behind the sim behind the
battery behind the case sure is quaint ... this might have been the
norm in 2006, but most everyone has moved on since to some sort of
slot along the edge

i could live with the older/slower hardware if even the first two
points were fixed.  not that i dont plan on upgrading of course, but
having nice new hardware be crippled is a shame ;).

are there plans in revamping the case ?

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