[Gta04-owner] GTA04A3 Testing Status Update

Johannes Schauer j.schauer at email.de
Mon Jul 25 19:24:45 CEST 2011


On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 04:40:04PM +0200, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Now, I am not sure if we still can and should try to catch the
> production slot this week or wait 3 more weeks with production and do
> many more tests.
> If we can get the units produced, we would have them on Monday or
> Tuesday. But some areas are still not completely tested and may
> malfunction. These are:
> * Bluetooth / WLAN
> * Camera
> * Audio PCM of the UMTS module
> * Battery charging
> * some other minor areas
> And since everything is done in a hurry, we will not be sure how many
> of the units will finally work and how many will fail.
> What do you think? Should we
> a) hurry and have all of you help testing (but low chance
>      to repair) or
> b) continue testing in our small team on two boards.
>     Ensuring that almost every bit and piece in hardware
>     works (not necessarily optimized, but works)?

option B

Firstly, I think that the early adopters can help much more with
software than hardware fixing. Being an early adopter myself I'm much
more interested in software development for the platform than fiddling
around with the hardware. I doubt that many early adopters have enough
knowledge to be very helpful with hardware but I might be very wrong.
Giving early adopters a mostly working unit in a few weeks would
increase their software output (compared to giving them a unit with less
stuff working) which in turn increases the usability of the final

Secondly, the initial satisfaction with the board will be much higher
with more things working. I doubt that even though they know that
hardware might be errornous, most early adopters would like to have a
more buggy version. I would rather have a good feeling in a month than a
mediocre one sooner.

just my two cents

interested in hearing what the other early adopters think

cheers, josch

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