[Gta04-owner] General state GTA04 ?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Dec 17 11:04:41 CET 2011


Am 17.12.2011 um 01:54 schrieb Folken:

> Hi, 
> I'd like to know what the general state of the GTA04 currently is? 
> My main concerns are: 
> 	* There is _one_ offical os-image that is being worked on ?

Yes and no. The GTA04 is a platform where you as the user get
the freedom to install whatever os-image you prefer. And if you
are a developer you can choose to which OS you want to contribute.
(you may even try to port OpenDarwin :)

Therefore, we have a quite elaborated documentation so that
you are not stopped by lack of detail information how to control the
hardware. This makes it different from (cheaper) mass market
devices you can buy for a very short time frame until they are
replaced by a completely different hardware.

We think that the user must own the device and not the device
own the user...

There is one rock solid base installation: Debian/LXDE stable
so that you always have one system that simply works. It may
not be what you expect as a user interface. But hey - we are open
source and you can configure it:


Regarding better GUI, Radek just recently announced QtMoko v37
and many functions are working:


And I know that SRH & FSO work is in progress.

> 	* GSM/UMTS Calling works? 


> 	* Audio Works? 

Yes. One function is untested: stereo audio recording through the
headset jack.

> 	* Powermanagement that works (Suspend/Resume)?

In the hw-validation kernel: a clear no.

Work is in progress on the new 3.2-Kernel and we aim at getting it

So let's try to look into our chrystal ball and tune it to 6 months into
the future. Then, we can download completely working kernel
sources from kernel.org...

> Basically a reliable, fully functioning basic device that actually
> fullfills the goal of being a phone. 

Try the QtMoko v37 image and you will have a working phone.
If it is already good enough for your expectations - I don't know.

Nevertheless we strive for perfection.


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