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Sat Dec 17 03:31:58 CET 2011

On Sat, 17 Dec 2011 01:54:12 +0100 Folken <folken at kabelsalat.ch> wrote:

> Hi, 
> I'd like to know what the general state of the GTA04 currently is? 
> My main concerns are: 
> 	* There is _one_ offical os-image that is being worked on ?

I think you've come to the wrong place.  Here we believe in choice and
friendly competition.  I certainly hope there will be several OS images that
run on the GTA04.  I will be using Debian plus my own hacks are first.  I may
change - possibly several times.

If you mean "kernel" when you say "os" (terminology can be confusing) then
there are currently two.  The hardware-validation kernel (hw) where lots of
things works to some extent, and the mainline kernel (ml) where fewer things
work but the focus is on making them work "right" and then getting the fixes

> 	* GSM/UMTS Calling works? 

I believe so though I haven't tested myself.

> 	* Audio Works? 

Yes in hw, no in ml.  The code needs to be forward-ported and the half-hour I
had when I tried wasn't sufficient.  3 or 4 hours for porting and testing
should do it.

> 	* Powermanagement that works (Suspend/Resume)?

Not yet.  I've been looking at it to try to understand the issues.  There is
no reason to suspect it won't work but I don't yet have concrete evidence
that it does.  Be assured that when I (or anyone) does it will be loudly
proclaimed on this list as you are certainly not the only one who wants this.

   battery changing - works
   battery monitoring - works
   wifi - works
   bluetooth - works
   touch screen - works
   display - works (not sure about rotating yet)
   backlight - works
   leds - work
   gps - works (with a hardware fix to the early adopter board, which will
                be standard in all newer board)
   uSD card - works
   USB port - works, both as gadget and as host (I've plugged in a thumb-drive
                and accessed the contents.  Available current can be an
                issue though).
   accelerometers, gyroscopes, compass - work in hw, not in ml yet
   video-out - works with hw
> Basically a reliable, fully functioning basic device that actually
> fullfills the goal of being a phone. 

I bought an engineering sample, not a phone - and for me it was well worth
the money.  I fully expect it to be a real phone in a month or so.

When golden delicious start selling them as phone boards I'm sure they will
work as phones.  The more that people help to sooner that can be.

Come join the fun :-)


>  - Folken
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