[Gta04-owner] Linux 3.2-rc4 xorg & touchscreen

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Mon Dec 5 23:36:32 CET 2011

On Monday 05 December 2011 20:03:08 John Ogness wrote:

> The problem is that the debian/stable tslib expects the kernel event
> version (EV_VERSION) to be 0x10000. In Sep 2010 the kernel's event
> version was changed to 0x10001. The newer tslib versions now check for
> both versions.
> If you want to stick with debian/stable, you can workaround the
> problem by changing EV_VERSION (in include/linux/input.h of the kernel
> source code) to 0x10000, and then recompile your kernel.

Or you can install tslib from here [1]



[1] http://lindi.iki.fi/lindi/tslib/

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