[Fso] fsogsmd: mediator inheritance

Lukas Maerdian luk at slyon.de
Wed May 28 23:59:16 CEST 2014

On 28.05.2014 18:29 UTC+0200, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak wrote:
> I'm digging into the fsogsmd code and I'm generally progressing well
> on my own, but there's one obstacle I found that's hard for me to
> overcome.
> I'm playing with a modem (Cinterion PHS-8) that doesn't allow +CREG
> command to be used before setting +CFUN to 1. This causes fsogsmd to
> fail at setting +CREG=2 (or +CREG=1) whe
> I wanted to workaround that by overriding DeviceSetFunctionality
> mediator by modem plugin with code that first calls original mediator
> and then issues +CREG=2.

Hmm... are you overriding "DeviceSetFunctionality" or
"AtDeviceSetFunctionality"? Because the one without "At" is only an
abstract class, which does nothing.

Also you need to register the custom mediators in "plugin.vala" (cf.

> However, when I want to call original mediator (using base.run(level,
> autoregister, pin); ), fsogsmd simply quits. There's no error message,
> nothing in logs after "mediator DeviceSetFunctionality created",
> nothing at stdout/stderr - it's just gone.
> It seems like I'm simply doing something wrong with this "base"
> functionality of Vala (especially when my only experience with this
> language comes from Cornucopia and was limited to few simple patches).
> I suspect that this method being an async one might be the root of
> this problem. Unfortunately, adding "yield" before it doesn't change
> anything :P
> Could you please point me at something helpful? Or maybe it should be
> done in some entirely different way?


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