[Fso] fsogsmd: mediator inheritance

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak dos at dosowisko.net
Wed May 28 18:29:20 CEST 2014


I'm digging into the fsogsmd code and I'm generally progressing well
on my own, but there's one obstacle I found that's hard for me to

I'm playing with a modem (Cinterion PHS-8) that doesn't allow +CREG
command to be used before setting +CFUN to 1. This causes fsogsmd to
fail at setting +CREG=2 (or +CREG=1) whe

I wanted to workaround that by overriding DeviceSetFunctionality
mediator by modem plugin with code that first calls original mediator
and then issues +CREG=2.

However, when I want to call original mediator (using base.run(level,
autoregister, pin); ), fsogsmd simply quits. There's no error message,
nothing in logs after "mediator DeviceSetFunctionality created",
nothing at stdout/stderr - it's just gone.

It seems like I'm simply doing something wrong with this "base"
functionality of Vala (especially when my only experience with this
language comes from Cornucopia and was limited to few simple patches).
I suspect that this method being an async one might be the root of
this problem. Unfortunately, adding "yield" before it doesn't change
anything :P

Could you please point me at something helpful? Or maybe it should be
done in some entirely different way?

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, dos

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