[Tinkerphones] Dual personality systems (was Re: ZeroPhone site offline)

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Mon Jan 10 13:31:22 CET 2022

On Mon Jan 10 07:33:35 CET 2022, marc marcxoe wrote:

> I have no affiliation with mudita.com (I just read about them online):
> It seems they have a very small smartphone stack for which the
> source has been released (license terms I did not look into)
> running on a rather small processor. 

The license looks like GPL v3 for MuditaOS itself. Third party code with
other licenses is listed here, too:


The OS appears to be based on FreeRTOS.

The Mudita Pure phone uses an i.MX RT1051 MCU:


NXP call it a crossover MCU, which means (to me) that it looks like a cross
between a microcontroller and a system on a chip. It's a Cortex-M7-based
processor which is quite a bit more powerful than the Cortex-M4 ones I've
been looking at recently.

You can get an idea of how processors based on Cortex-M series cores have
evolved by looking at the Teensy series of boards:



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