[Tinkerphones] GTA15 / Pyra-Phone news

Pičugins Arsenijs crimier at yandex.ru
Sat Feb 23 03:54:42 CET 2019

> I imagine that it is a bit like the output you get with KiCad when selecting
> the 3D view of the board. I haven't used that for anything practical, but if
> nothing else it can be quite nice for showing to other people:

With KiCad 5, once you have STEP models for all your components,
(or, at least, some of them) you can export a STEP of your entire board -
a huge help for, say, modelling cases. KiCad ships many STEP models
already for i.e. R, C and other popular stuff, though quite a bit of stuff is
still lacking - nevertheless, there's grabcad and the like, and you can
always design simple shapes yourself. I've used this feature in two
different projects already, much more easier than the traditional
"calipers + time" method and allows for more tailored cases.


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