[Tinkerphones] GTA15 / Pyra-Phone news

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Feb 22 15:46:27 CET 2019

On Friday 22. February 2019 12.15.40 H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> I have spent a little time to improve some component
> placement and fix my scripts which do the translation
> to 3D data (by generating a python script that can be
> imported into the FreeCAD command line version to
> write a STEP file).
> Here you can find the result:
> https://twitter.com/goldelico/status/1098903479534395395

I imagine that it is a bit like the output you get with KiCad when selecting 
the 3D view of the board. I haven't used that for anything practical, but if 
nothing else it can be quite nice for showing to other people:


I think KiCad exports various model files, although I didn't go to the trouble 
of exporting and combining them with the casework model for boards of this 
particular nature:


For the most part, I just simulated component placement by hand and used the 
different solid geometry operations to see if things were exceeding the 
available space.


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