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> So there are a few different projects in some state of completion:
There might be some other phones this list might be interested in:
The maemo-leste-project tries to make recent mainline kernels available on
older phones. You might especially like to hear that they made quite huge
progress with Nokia N900 (TI Omap 3) and Motorola Droid 4 (TI Omap 4). See
the status of Droid4 here <https://leste.maemo.org/Motorola_Droid_4>.

I also would like to mention the project of a member of the maemo-community
who is working on a Android keyboard phone with qualcom chipset. It is
announced for Q1/2019. It will of course not be as open as other projects
with new phones mentioned here and has a strong focus on commercial
success. It should be possible to get hardware details by signing an NDA
and the boot loader will be open: "We’ll offer loaner devices and driver
support (under NDA) to core developers. We’ve already approached to some
Lineage OS developers as a first step and plan to work with Sailfish OS
developers & other communities. Our hope is to build a handset that runs
your favourite OS." -> See here
Further details can be seen at https://www.fxtec.com/

    BR, Martin
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