[Tinkerphones] default for Debian /etc/network/interfaces

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Feb 23 13:58:23 CET 2017

Hi Jonas,
despite the production issues I am working a little on improving
our Debian default rootfs for the GTA04.

I just found out recently that there is a rarely known capability
to define /etc/network/interfaces.d/* files which can be sourced
by the master /e/n/i.

This would solve the issue that we do a hard overwrite of /e/n/i
to configure the usb0 ethernet gadget and real ethernet on boards
which have hardware (BeagleBoard XM, PandaBoard, OMAP5EVM) right
after building the debootstrap.

Instead, we could just add specific config files for the 2 or 3
interfaces we have in our letux devices with low risk of overwriting
anything else. And if they interfere they can easily be removed.

But I could not find the default version of /e/n/i installed
during debootstrap to check if it really sources the eni.d.
Debian Packages search (on the web) shows no package where it is contained.

So how is this file created during debootstrap?

BR and thanks,

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