[Tinkerphones] Tinkerphones...

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Jul 7 08:25:41 CEST 2016

Hi all,
after we have renamed the community, let's try to get
into more discussions again as every community lives
from members.

I for example have to admit that I use an iPhone. A very
old one because it is mechanically compatible to the car kit
of my car...

Newer ones aren't and I would have to replace the car kit
cradle for additional money. And, Apple had changed
the connector so that I also would have to replace power
supply and other things as well.

So I have a reliable device that works. But it is outdated.
Most modern apps don't work because they require a
newer version of iOS. Which is not available for that old
hardware. Argh...

I am locked out because I am not willing to throw away
that old but still well working device and buy a new one.

It is not my first experience being in that situation.

Therefore I am for years running the GTA0x projects
and permanently pushing for new device hardware (it
is much more difficult than buying a new iPhone :) and
getting software projects like QtMoko back on the rails.

So I still dream of a device that is modern enough and
can be owned and operated as long as I like and get
software updates for a very long time. It is also supported
well enough so that I can even try to repair something.

And, I would like to see a uniform user interface across
all portable devices, desktop devices and even web

But not only user interface but API and SDKs. Why shall I
write software for mobile, the same app for desktop
and provice web pages for mobile plus desktop? Four
different pieces of code! All incompatible in different
languages, toolkits and libraries, but doing all the same
for the users - just in different screen dimensions.

It is a dream and I haven't found that it is fulfilled anywhere.
Therefore I am continuously tinkering with GTA04, Letux
kernels, Pyra-Handheld, QtMoko, QuantumSTEP and all
the other activities.

What are your motivations and dreams and thoughts?


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