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Le jeu 7 jui 2016 à 8:25, H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com> a 
écrit :
> I for example have to admit that I use an iPhone. A very
> old one because it is mechanically compatible to the car kit
> of my car...

Currently I'm using a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I would like to use my GTA04 
before, but it has again an issue with the USB port.

This time, when I plug the cable of the OpenMoko charger, nothing 
Before my USB port was moving and my local electronic shop was able to
solder it again. Unfortunately, this time the USB port doesn't move, so 
I'm not
sure if it is an issue on hardware or software.

I think that's an hardware issue, because I've tried several software 
Replicant and the Debian-LXDE, none works).

Although I've lost a bit my motivation, because the USB port has an 
every 6 months and I know I won't be able to spend more time and money
to fix these recurrent issues (I'm not particulary skilled with my 
hands and
I've never worked with electronics).

> So I still dream of a device that is modern enough and
> can be owned and operated as long as I like and get
> software updates for a very long time. It is also supported
> well enough so that I can even try to repair something.

I'm particularly happy with the GTA04 / Tinkerphone community because
the kernel development is sill active (long time after GTA04 production 
and that a hacking weekend was organized to take back QtMoko active.

> And, I would like to see a uniform user interface across
> all portable devices, desktop devices and even web
> access.
> But not only user interface but API and SDKs. Why shall I
> write software for mobile, the same app for desktop
> and provice web pages for mobile plus desktop? Four
> different pieces of code! All incompatible in different
> languages, toolkits and libraries, but doing all the same
> for the users - just in different screen dimensions.

Yes and that was almost possible with the Firefox OS project which 
tried to create
applications using standard web technologies. Unfortunately, the project
was relying on the 3D graphics capacity and I didn't find easily a way 
run the closed firmware with recent kernels (though, I don't know kernel
and graphic firmware interaction in general).

> It is a dream and I haven't found that it is fulfilled anywhere.
> Therefore I am continuously tinkering with GTA04, Letux
> kernels, Pyra-Handheld, QtMoko, QuantumSTEP and all
> the other activities.
> What are your motivations and dreams and thoughts?

I dream about the GTA04A5 (which had a fix for the USB port) runing
QtMoko and a more recent web browser :)

The icing on the cake will be to have a screen more readable at sun 

Unfortunately, I know the price is far too expensive for my budget
and I don't think my wife will be ok to buy the newer model :)

My motivation is exactly what you described in the announce of the 
community: I'd like to take time to tink my phone, especially with free 
(as in
free speech) software and I'd like to experiment some little application
developement on such device.

Best regards,
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