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On Mon, 4 Jan 2016 17:47:00 -0500
Benjamin Deering <ben_deering at jeepingben.net> wrote:

> I disagree with the call for an ultra low-power display.  My current
> device can get 5-7 days of moderate usage on a charge with a 5.5"
> 1920x1080 screen.  Since this new device would probably already be
> thicker than mass produced phones, just plan to put a huge battery in
> it (huge battery will help with compiling all that source from portage
> too ;-)). A secondary e-ink display to give notifications would be
> cool though.  Perhaps having e-ink over a few capacitative buttons
> would be good for those who don't want the 3 standard Android buttons.
How long can you have your display backlight that bright that 
you can read it in sunlight?
Of course if you turn off your display often, you will get that long
time. If the display works without backlight (if it is not a
transmissive display), you do not need that agressive powersaving
and can show every kind of information. For some use cases that
might be helpful, e.g. if I use that for navigation purposes on my bike.
If I could choose between a 480x640 pixel display which does not
require backlight in sunlight and a 1920x1080 pixel display
which requires backlight, I would choose the 480x640 display.
Bigger batteries need also more power to charge.

> To be hacker friendly, consider exposing an internal usb
> port and the I2C bus on some sort of standard sockets.  Soldering
> to the testpoints on GTA02 and GTA04 is tricky.  Really, if I wanted
> to add sensors to A phone, I would build an external BT-LE device
> even if I did have an easy way to tap the I2C bus.
> I am not concerned about seeing the PCB layout.  Even if it is
> released, we are still trusting that it matches the device, just like
> we are trusting that the schematics match the device.  Much of the
> talk about this  (and previous devices) has focused on security, but
> I wonder if that is a real concern.  Prior to replicant, how many of
> us had an unencrypted phone that loaded the GUI as root with no
> password?  I'm not aware of anyone implementing a trusted boot chain
> for GTA0*.
I would like to see the schematics, not the layout, just the way it is
done for the GTA04. The reason is that I want to understand how it
behaves. I think security is a concern. At least even on those all-root
guis, you are not talking to the network with everything.
If there would be gpe-dm ready to install, I would simply install that.
On all my computers I am using some kind of hd encryption so if
someone steals the device he/she will not have the data but on the gta04
it is not that easy to just use cryptsetup. Somehow the password
has to be entered. Personally I am wondering about all those
everything-is-root things.
I think there a different priorities here amoung people:
Priority one is:
Avoiding any security that prevents the user from using his/her
Priority two is:
Not having programs talking all the time to everything in the internet.

On OHSW 2013, there were also some security talks.
But I am thinking a lot about how I can have more security.

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