[Community] gta04/gta02 stuff available

Benjamin Deering ben_deering at jeepingben.net
Wed Nov 18 23:51:38 CET 2015

Things have been very quiet on this list until today.

The buzz about neo900 gave me a chance to think about all I learned
from working on GTA02 and GTA04.  My GTA04 has been collecting dust for
quite a while now and I would like to make it available if someone in
the USA would like to offer cash, or a plan to contribute to the
community (or some combination), I would ship it to them.

I also have several new-in-bag GTA02 batteries available for shipment
in the USA and a GTA02 debug board.  I had been hoping to recover the
shipping costs of my 2 batteries by selling the other batteries, but I
am prepared to sell at a small loss if needed.

My GTA04 has a little hardware damage - the usb port was broken off
shortly after I got it (my fault).  With some remote help from Nicolas
I was able to fix it.  My repair has lasted through years of rough
service so I don't think it will be a problem. The red power led was
damaged during this accident and was stuck on.  I have removed it.

This GTA04 went back to goldelico for reflow since it was one of the
early GTA04A4s that was made before they changed the solder process.
After the reflow, gps and wifi have been reliable.

The GTA04 has a camera and my software install includes an SHR desktop
shortcut that brings up a camera view, then saves a photo after the
user touches the screen.  That is, it behaves almost like a modern
phone, just slower.  This all hinges on an ugly kernel change that I
shared a few years ago (hard coding colorspace if I remember correctly).

I think I have shared all the hacks on the phone with the list at some
point.  It has my altimeter and ski-wax apps installed as well as a
shooter gyroscope game.  The phone would ship with my image (SHR).

If you are interested, please PM me, or feel free to start a discussion
on the list about what would be a good use for it.

I would also consider parting with my GTA02 + MLX90614 thermometer +
BMP085 if someone has a really cool project.

So, Americans, what can you do with these items?


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