[Community] GTA04A5 RAM + NAND size

IngeGNUe ingegnue at riseup.net
Tue Dec 1 18:35:06 CET 2015

On 12/01/15 07:22, Pavel Borecki wrote:
> Hi all,
> my personal opinions on this matter:
> 1. don't risk incompatible hw mixture, which could not be functional
> from hw point of view.
> It means, that if combination of this model of OMAP3 SoC and 1GB RAM is
> unsupported/discouraged from TI, then don't do it.
> But Neo900 project is using the same SoC, so it seems, that this
> combination (SoC + 1GiB RAM is safe from hw point of view)?
> 2. regarding sw support (bootloader)
> There are potentially two projects, which are interested in porting
> newer uBoot and add support for more RAM - GTA04A5 with 1GB RAM and
> Neo900. Especially for second one 512MB isn't an option, so this work
> must be done by them. So, why not cooperate in this too?
> 2a. regarding bootloader itself - as wise as be able to run vanilla
> upstream kernel, it would be good to have upstream support in bootloader
> too. Because sustainability. If future kernels will change something,
> which reflects in changes in bootloaders, then it will be good to have
> possibility to flash current one. Maybe worth of other subproject as
> gta04-kernel upstreaming like? 
> Why bother with more than 512 MB of RAM? Because the one OS, which is
> really usable for daily use as phone is Replicant. And according
> personal experience with some older Samsung with 512MB of RAM, 1GB would
> be really nice...
> (this platform and applications aren't resources friendly)
> What are thoughts of other pre-owners (voucher buyers) and potential
> buyers?
> P.

As a potential buyer, this sounds good because I would find it hard to
adopt the device if I couldn't use Replicant on it.

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