[Community] We got a cool web site. How improve?

wonderphone at posteo.de wonderphone at posteo.de
Sun May 4 20:13:28 CEST 2014

Hi list,

While the "We got a cool community. What do?" thread is not yet 
finished at all I would like to thank you all for your input and project 
updates. I hope that some of Walter's question marks about the OSes 
provoke a defiant "still alive!" reaction ;-)

In this thread, let's use the momentum created by Francesco's powerful 
comments about the web page. I think the web page is already quite good 
as it offers an abundance of informations. You get information about the 
OSes, the different projects, there are even forums for some of these 
projects, there are wikis and even bug trackers. The only problem is 
that it took me a couple of months to find all these things.

Am 01.05.2014 11:16 schrieb Francesco De Vita:
> We could make it (more) clear on the website, organizing some thoughts
> useful for newcomers and contributors, something like:
> - a Work-In-Progress summary, what is going on and who is working on
>   what;
That would be good as currently only a few people know that, I believe.

> - a To Do list, what and who is needed;
That already exist! --> 
http://projects.goldelico.com/p/openphoenux/issues/  With only one 
closed issue between Nikolaus and Lukas about a broken logo link it is 
not really widely used at the moment.

> - a Community Wish list, what the community want, what is/isn't
>   possible to have and why;
That would help (new) community members to pick a task and contribute.

> It should be just a precise summary about the status of
> the project, to have a clear view about how many people are involved
> and what and how many resources are needed.
Maybe also with a view to the past that would be a project hall of 

>>> - enhancements to web page?
>> Maybe one could think about sorting and regrouping content and
>> another one about a nice and well readable web design.
> It is a top priority I think.
I think that's true. You really need to have an interest in the 
community or the OpenPhoenux devices to start to explore the web page. 
Do we have someone in the community who has expertise in website 
ergonomics who can add give some advice for our next steps?


Some more ideas for the website. Please feel free to add, comment and 

- Let's put a changing image of the available and planned devices in 
the center of the start page
- Around that there should be 5 coloured dots, saying: Hardware 
(construction), Software (hacking), Community (interaction), Buy (now), 
Privacy (preserving), Fair (trading)
       The words in parentheses would appear a little smaller on the 
dots and be an incentive to take an active role from the beginning.
- Every dot leads to an overview page (or a section below as on the 
neo900 site) that offers more information like information updates, 
issue trackers, discussion for every of the different areas of the 
- There should be a place where the issue trackers are all combined 
into one that represents all the work in progress.
- The mailing list should be combined with a web forum, that displays 
every post in both systems alike, i. e. a post to the forum will be send 
as an email to the list automatically.
- A forum overview page would be good where all (sub)forums are listed 
according to their activity.
- Really crazy idea: let's make the start page a wiki! That would 
really create an open community atmosphere ;-)  I don't think there will 
be a lot of vandalism but we can protect the legally important content. 
The wiki should not look like a gray MediaWiki but nice and lofty.
- Wiki sections in all the specialized parts of the site would be good.

If you think it might be useful to sort and discuss along a priority 
list you can start one.



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