[Community] Neo900: status of "spacer inlay" requirement?

mx4812 at arcor.de mx4812 at arcor.de
Wed Mar 19 14:31:08 CET 2014


Hello, thank you for the answer!

> I am not sure if the FAQ and reports (photos) give some answers.

Now, I found the gap on photos, and the "notorious" spacer mentioned.
It is only in the last progress report though.

> Long answer: we simply need the additional space to add new components to
> improve the design and the solution is a "sandwich".
> The inside of a N900 is like a 3D puzzle. So if we want to get in circuits
> without
> a space we only have the space for the original set of chips - and exactly
> at the
> same positions. So we would have to build a new N900 motherboard for the
> N900
> which does not make any sense - despite that we can't even buy most
> original
> components.

A compatibility thing that came to my mind is that some N900 accessories like car adapters
make use of the ~0,5mm gap between the back and front case part (they have
hooks that slide into that space to hold the back case when inserting the phone).

If the spacer frame comes with a similar gutter/keyway/furrow/slot? (German: Nut)
these accessories could probably continue to function (with a new usb connector).

Ok, so are there some other nice ideas that the spacer frame layer could allow?

Is there some room left for
* Slots to insert SD-Card or SIM-Card without opening the case?
* display connector?
* second USB?

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