[Community] Neo900: status of "spacer inlay" requirement?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Mar 19 13:00:42 CET 2014


Am 18.03.2014 um 12:09 schrieb mx4812 at arcor.de:

> Hello list,
> the http://neo900.org/contact page points to this mailing list.
> I think in the early days there was some talk that the new board may
> require to make the N900 case even thicker than the original by adding a 
> "spacer" layer.
> Now, the above site does not seem to contain any info about that.

I am not sure if the FAQ and reports (photos) give some answers.

> Maybe someone can answer this question. What is the current state of
> the hardware design, can the board fit into the original casing,
> without adding a spacer element?

Short answer: NO.

Long answer: we simply need the additional space to add new components to
improve the design and the solution is a "sandwich".

The inside of a N900 is like a 3D puzzle. So if we want to get in circuits without
a space we only have the space for the original set of chips - and exactly at the
same positions. So we would have to build a new N900 motherboard for the N900
which does not make any sense - despite that we can't even buy most original


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