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Wed Mar 5 20:57:40 CET 2014

Hi all, hi Sebastian (not Sascha, I am terribly sorry)

Am 05.03.2014 18:33 schrieb Sebastian Beschke:

> I think we should work out some kind of “telephone script”. We need to
> make the supplier understand what we want, and need to figure out how 
> to
> get that information out of them. Even before that, we need to know 
> what
> information to ask for in the first place. :) All this considering we
> have a pretty weak position towards the supplier as we don’t represent 
> a
> large buyer (don’t represent anyone, really…).
We can be idealistic and pragmatic at the same time. That is the 
advantage of a small phone project: it can not destroy a lot. How much 
gold,for instance, really goes into 300 Neo900s? As the interest in the 
project grows so does our position towards the vendors. We could also 
work with compensation. We could buy tin at a fair trade supplier and 
sell it again as non-fair trade to someone who needs tin - completely 
independent from the production of the OpenPhoenux products where we 
might not have the choice.

> I’d like to draw on Susanne Jordan’s (of NagerIT) experience with 
> this.
> I’ll try contacting her again.
I do not know her in person but her work is amazing!

Best regards,

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