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wonderphone at posteo.de wonderphone at posteo.de
Tue Mar 4 20:37:57 CET 2014

Hi all

I have taken a look at the BOM list of the GTA04A4 and have to admit it 
look plausible and complicated at the same time to someone who has 
little knowledge about hardware.

Is it possible to group the parts into parts that can be easily 
purchased at another location and parts that we do have to accept as 
they are? Can we for instance group the resistors and regard them a one 
general item or are they all individually special?

@Sascha: Did you already have the chance to take a look at the list? 
Does it look like something that you can feed into your tool? What will 
the tool be able to do what a big spread sheet table cannot do?

@ Nikolaus: How would we need to proceed when we talk to suppliers? We 
probably have to avoid to make you a laugh in their eyes ;-)

Best regards,

Am 21.02.2014 20:29 schrieb kardan:
> Hey,
> thanks, Nikolaus, for all the info you gave so far. Hereby I commit 
> some
> more time in the future to collect and perform further researches on
> mentioned vendors.
> This said, I need to politely disagree with your expectation of what 
> is
> possible. I surely trust your experiences and see that *so far* there
> was nearly no attention on this topic in mainstream media.
> I am currently writing an article on risks of using software and 
> devices
> for activism to be published in the next edition of the open medium
> gruenes-blatt.de which is part of an ongoing series as mentioned some
> time ago. (This is not meant as advertisement, but if you are
> interested in articles on phones published in the last edition have a
> look here[2]).
> For this edition I will add a note on your plans to improve
> supply chain transparency including a call for support doing
> researches and visualization.
> Whenever you stumble upon tiny bits on this topic, please cc me (or
> the list if it is relevant) and I will add them to the reservoir[3]. I
> hope you are fine with reordering your sentences there.
> Finally we have a lot of possibilities (and IMHO duties) when ordering
> hardware. For example during negotiations (even with big vendors) we 
> can
> request information by sending a simple letter. Just the matter of 
> fact
> to receive such a letter for the first time will raise awareness in 
> the
> management of these companies.
> If they decide to ignore or lie, this is something we can work with as
> well by compiling results of such a research.

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