[Community] Stammtisch.

wonderphone at posteo.de wonderphone at posteo.de
Mon Jun 23 21:40:33 CEST 2014

>>  > post the minutes (protocol) to
>  > the list.
> This would be ideal but I don't know how easy it would be to
> configure such a service. Parsing and prettying up the text from our
> emails seems tricky enough,

The software is supposed to do that for new posts. Whether it can do it 
for the history is not so important because there is surely another way 
to display a mailing list archive.

> Mumble and
> TeamSpeak both have a text chat feature, probably using IRC protocol,
> which can be easily logged and saved. Adding voice conversation logs
> to the mailing list could get very messy so perhaps recordings or
> transcriptions could be posted to a cumulative community history
> section of the website.

The easiest thing would be to write the minutes into the chat feature. 
I would volunteer if that is too much of a hassle for anybody else. 
Wrong entries can be discussed right away or later over the list. Unless 
all attendants of the meeting conspire it is quite open, transparent, 
and easy to read.

> I do think it's a cool idea but I still think shipping phones and
> upgrading phone designs is the most important aspect of our project by
> far.

Yes, indeed. To me it seemed like some good guys are taking care of it 
already or are there major todos currently orphaned? (Question to all)

> If web programmers have free time and want to help, what about
> that interactive map of service provider compatibility I mentioned a
> while back?

Yes, the interactive map and the donation bars suggested by Alexandros 
are really useful features. What I believe is important are more basic 
emotional features. I mean, the current OpenPhoenux website has great 
functions and a whole bunch of useful features. It just not sucks new 
users in that are not software or hardware hackers. I wish I could do a 
first shot and then let everybody discuss it and let better people 
develop it but I currently have very little spare  time (and programming 
skill ;-) ) to do that. Is there anybody on the list feeling like 
creating a new landing/start page which in the background is connected 
to the existing features?

> I think that would be a powerful way to expand our
> community and increase donation/pre-order revenue. I think for now it
> would be best to just set up a basic web forum
We need to wait until Mailman3 is stable enough.
> and Murmur (Mumble)
> server and designate the mailing list as the "official" discussion
> medium. It would probably be a good idea to slowly move the official
> medium towards the forum since it will be much easier to administrate
> but there is no need to rush that transition.
> Example: What I had in mind as a transparency statement is a tab on
> the main site labelled "community history", which leads to a page
> containing aggregate logs from all communication mediums.

Transparency is always good. It makes sense to have such a history. 
With the current mailing list archive we have already covered a lot.

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