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David Heath dheath.pr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 20:59:15 CEST 2014

> The web forum and the mailing list would need to be interconnected like
> it is possible with the Mailman3 software that Lukas and Nikolaus have
> mentioned.
> Voice conversation is a great opportunit even if we do not push the
> hard fact topics further. We could restrict the topics that can be
> discussed on the phone or even better: post the minutes (protocol) to
> the list.

This would be ideal but I don't know how easy it would be to configure such
a service. Parsing and prettying up the text from our emails seems tricky
enough, I can hardly imagine how hard it would be to do for voice data.
That said, I'm not a programmer. Mumble and TeamSpeak both have a text chat
feature, probably using IRC protocol, which can be easily logged and saved.
Adding voice conversation logs to the mailing list could get very messy so
perhaps recordings or transcriptions could be posted to a cumulative
community history section of the website. This probably isn't worth the
time and effort it would entail but it could be an interesting social
statement as to the open nature of our community (see below for a detailed
example). I do think it's a cool idea but I still think shipping phones and
upgrading phone designs is the most important aspect of our project by far.
If web programmers have free time and want to help, what about that
interactive map of service provider compatibility I mentioned a while back?
I think that would be a powerful way to expand our community and increase
donation/pre-order revenue. I think for now it would be best to just set up
a basic web forum and Murmur (Mumble) server and designate the mailing list
as the "official" discussion medium. It would probably be a good idea to
slowly move the official medium towards the forum since it will be much
easier to administrate but there is no need to rush that transition.

Example: What I had in mind as a transparency statement is a tab on the
main site labelled "community history", which leads to a page containing
aggregate logs from all communication mediums. This data would be pulled
from a database and could be stratified or searched by anyone who logs in
with a free user account, the same account used on our forums, to make
donations, and to order phones. This account could also be associated with
the VoIP server. Anonymous access to the database, forum, and VoIP server
could be allowed to some extent but certain channels and behaviours would
require login.
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