[Community] Wifi, Modem and GPS

wonderphone at posteo.de wonderphone at posteo.de
Mon Jul 14 21:49:43 CEST 2014

Hi all,

today, a question about the hardware design of both GTA04(05) and 
Neo900 (GTA04B7):

We have seen a lot of communication about the modem. In both devices it 
is connected via UBS and behaves like (no is!)  a real peripheral.

Now, do we have the GPS receiver included in the modem or is it a 
different component with a different connection to the CPU and RAM?

What about the wifi module? It is connected over SDIO or GPIO. What 
does that mean in terms of separation from the rest of the system, i.e. 
what can the non-free firmware do?

Thank you


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