[Community] Neo 900 - Willing to contribute

pavithran pavithran.s at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 18:15:52 CET 2014

Hi all,
Its an awesome effort you guys are putting up to re live the glory
days of N900 :)

I own a N900 and I really love the debianish part of it where you get
a root shell , you can apt-get install programs on it . We also could
run libre office etc on a kind of emulation .

Hardware was also quite good with very good touch screen , an awesome
keyboard and a decent camera ( atleast in day times ) .

Having said that as everyone I was looking forward towards Jolla which
had plans of Keyboard via other half which could have been the N900
successor , but it with its awesome gesture UI is more or less the N9
successor rather than N900 .

Yes I am interested in this project , have seen how well you guys were
designing prototypes and looking for parts which aren't easily
available . I have even met one guy in the LinuxTag stall whom I have
shown my broken USB where USB comes in dmesg but doesn't work .
Docscrutinizer (excuse my spelling)  of #maemo was very helpful right
from the begining when I used to ask silly questions .

I haven't paid money for Neo900 as I cant afford it but maybe I could
afford to buy the board and put inside my old N900 hardware if
possible  that too which I could only afford by the time when this
project comes close to a releasable product ( by that time I could
gather some money :) ) .

My N900 is currently broken with
1.  GSM issue - "All telephony functions are disabled " which comes
like once every few hours or sometimes also like a ongoing call gets
cut ever 10 minutes accurately "
2 . USB - Its broken , wont detect normally and go to the boot loop
when put in off mode .
4. Battery - Even the battery is dying with a full charge coming for 5
-6 hours even in standby mode . Maybe there is some power drain I am
not sure .

I can contribute by spreading the word in diaspora , twitter etc . And
also maybe help in testing the image ?


pavithran sakamuri

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