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On 01/16/2014 11:13 AM, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't backing of setup costs one of the
>> typical examples for crowdfounding? Why not start an Indigego campaign
>> or sth. to fund (at least) these costs?

> Maybe you did not recognize that this *is* a crowdfunding campaign...

No it's not. As for now, this is more a community funded project. The
crowd comes in when there is
1) a clearly defined goal and
2) a *public* request for donations
so that people who are *not* inside this community (i.e. "the crowd")
see what we are trying to do ("The OpenPhoenux project tries to start
the production of cool mobile phones") and donate a little bit even
though they aren't so much involved.

> The reason is that each campaign needs an interested crowd.

Yeah but being interested in helping when help is needed doesn't mean
they would go to your site or send in money just because they think it's
The few people who would do that don't make a "crowd".

> We also have to consider that just funding the one-time cost doesn't
> help anything, if nobody needs devices. Rather, it is a waste of
> money from those who funded the one-time cost initially for nobody to
> use it.

That's why many crowdfounding projects offer a rebate for people who are
donating, depending on the size of the donation. When the founding
campaign collects enough money that those devices will be available for
a reasonable price, don't you think there will be at least a few hundred
people wanting such device?

Best regards,

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