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Parchet Michaël mparchet at sunrise.ch
Fri Jan 24 10:05:07 CET 2014


I need a phone with a 4 inch screen size like iPhone but no retina.

Is it possible ?

Best regards


> Le 24 janv. 2014 à 05:18, kardan <kardan at riseup.net> a écrit :
> Hi,
> I think it's time to prepare ourselves for "the unthinkable" as it has
> previously been expressed. Several protest movement worldwide had to
> deal with or are preparing for an internet shutdown by the main telcos.
> http://www.movements.org/how-to/entry/how-to-prepare-for-an-internet-connection-cut-off
> Offering a device for that niche "reliable, dynamic, fail safe, 
> secure and private communication while world breaks apart" offers the
> spirit of true freedom. I doubt that any current product fulfills that
> need (just thinking of power usage), but some more revisions and they
> will be able to connect by whatever protocol available (also thinking
> of low frequencies receivable by ordinary radios).
> Do the math: How many activists, techies, off-the-grid adventurers or
> security fanatics out there could have interest in the next 15 years.
> Probably 10 to 100 million.
> As soon as "we" are ready to offer the first 100 devices "just now" for
> some activist groups under the condition, they give comprehensive
> feedback, I believe that example will be all marketing the movement
> needs to become a burner.
> I wonder if we manage to setup a development fund for that in the
> sense, that payments are not directly bound to particular devices, but
> to keep up with the chain of trust: you get one device in the hope you
> will enable others to have one later. For example by (micro)payments
> over a long period of time.
> Just some illusions .. :)
> kardan
> On Thu, 23 Jan 2014 23:07:40 +0100
> wonderphone at posteo.de wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I believe the Neo900 project has already created some of the spirit 
>> that the community was looking for in this old email chain, but I
>> would like to take this up again to see whether we can boost it even
>> more.
>> This is the new product category in my opinion:
>>     We are the first to do Smartphone right!
>> With what has been done by the community we have - if we are not
>> doing it already - the opportunity to build the perfect phone with
>> reasonable extra effort.
>> GTA04 and Neo900 are or have the potential to be:
>>      (Also taking up some of the responses to the email of Nikolaus 
>> below)
>> secure (as in privacy)
>> fairly produced (manufactured with handsome German wages)
>> environmentally friendly (CO2, waste)
>> healthy (we can probably get more information on materials used)
>> reliable
>> trustworthy (community controlled)
>> Many people are longing for such a phone.
>> What we already do with the Neo900 is perfectly right: We create a 
>> ready-to-use tool for users that are not technically interested and
>> also offer the perfect toy for the technically interested people.
>> (Sorry for writing always 'we' in my first post - I hope you don't
>> feel it's offensive)
>> The natural supplement of such a phone is a privacy-respecting und 
>> community-lead ecosystem that is different from the existing
>> ecosystems where you are spied like nothing else. From my point of
>> view this is currently the killer application for which the internet
>> avantgarde is waiting. We can try to connect to the respective
>> communities and projects like: fdroid, diaspora* (or even better
>> social networks), pump.io , leap.se, a functional web proxy, a secure
>> email provider, and some secure VoIP and whatsapp alternatives and
>> integrate it in the standard software installation of the phone. Of
>> course, with the still necessary warnings to empower normal users to
>> make an informed choice.
>> What do you think. Do these aspects sound interesting?
>> BR
>> Oliver
>> Am 11.10.2013 um 12:12 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
>>> Hi,
>>>> Am 11.10.2013 um 11:27 schrieb Christoph Pulster:
>> ...
>>>> Despite the economical mislead, former Openmoko CEO Sean was able
>>>> to create a magic new product category and a community spirit
>>>> around it.
>>> Well, it started at 2006 where smartphones were only niche 
>>> developments
>>> and before Apple even did announce the iPhone 1 or Google announce
>>> Android 1.0.
>>> So that was a great time to invent a new product category by "doing 
>>> the unthinkable":
>>> * make a smartphone for the community
>>> * running Linux
>>> * being open
>>> And because we all love to see the unthinkable, we all followed 
>>> Openmoko.
>>> Nowadays the situation is reversed. Companies like Apple and Samsung
>>> dominate the technology development and are the first to offer new 
>>> technologies,
>>> like bent display glass these days. I.e. they know about companies 
>>> developing
>>> these technologies before we even start to think about it.
>>> I.e. they have learned how to be the first to define new product 
>>> categories.
>>> Part of their mechanism is to be and stay closed. It has become a 
>>> competitive
>>> advantage to be partially open only.
>>> And we, the open community, are degraded to be visitors of such 
>>> developments.
>>> This makes it difficult to keep and build spirit around a magic new 
>>> product
>>> category.
>>> Unless we find a new one.
>>> One that none of the currently big companies has thought of.
>>> Ideas?
>>> Nikolaus
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