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Thu Jan 23 23:07:40 CET 2014

Hi all,

I believe the Neo900 project has already created some of the spirit 
that the community was looking for in this old email chain, but I would 
like to take this up again to see whether we can boost it even more.

This is the new product category in my opinion:
     We are the first to do Smartphone right!

With what has been done by the community we have - if we are not doing 
it already - the opportunity to build the perfect phone with reasonable 
extra effort.

GTA04 and Neo900 are or have the potential to be:
      (Also taking up some of the responses to the email of Nikolaus 

secure (as in privacy)
fairly produced (manufactured with handsome German wages)
environmentally friendly (CO2, waste)
healthy (we can probably get more information on materials used)
trustworthy (community controlled)

Many people are longing for such a phone.

What we already do with the Neo900 is perfectly right: We create a 
ready-to-use tool for users that are not technically interested and also 
offer the perfect toy for the technically interested people. (Sorry for 
writing always 'we' in my first post - I hope you don't feel it's 

The natural supplement of such a phone is a privacy-respecting und 
community-lead ecosystem that is different from the existing ecosystems 
where you are spied like nothing else. From my point of view this is 
currently the killer application for which the internet avantgarde is 
waiting. We can try to connect to the respective communities and 
projects like: fdroid, diaspora* (or even better social networks), 
pump.io , leap.se, a functional web proxy, a secure email provider, and 
some secure VoIP and whatsapp alternatives and integrate it in the 
standard software installation of the phone. Of course, with the still 
necessary warnings to empower normal users to make an informed choice.

What do you think. Do these aspects sound interesting?


Am 11.10.2013 um 12:12 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:

>>Am 11.10.2013 um 11:27 schrieb Christoph Pulster:


>> Despite the economical mislead, former Openmoko CEO Sean was able to
>> create a magic new product category and a community spirit around 
>> it.
> Well, it started at 2006 where smartphones were only niche 
> developments
> and before Apple even did announce the iPhone 1 or Google announce
> Android 1.0.
> So that was a great time to invent a new product category by "doing 
> the unthinkable":
> * make a smartphone for the community
> * running Linux
> * being open
> And because we all love to see the unthinkable, we all followed 
> Openmoko.
> Nowadays the situation is reversed. Companies like Apple and Samsung
> dominate the technology development and are the first to offer new 
> technologies,
> like bent display glass these days. I.e. they know about companies 
> developing
> these technologies before we even start to think about it.
> I.e. they have learned how to be the first to define new product 
> categories.
> Part of their mechanism is to be and stay closed. It has become a 
> competitive
> advantage to be partially open only.
> And we, the open community, are degraded to be visitors of such 
> developments.
> This makes it difficult to keep and build spirit around a magic new 
> product
> category.
> Unless we find a new one.
> One that none of the currently big companies has thought of.
> Ideas?
> Nikolaus

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