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xdrudis xdrudis at tinet.cat
Sat Jan 11 19:21:11 CET 2014

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 07:20:51PM +0100, Francesco De Vita wrote:
> > "own" in the sense of "having in my hand" and
> > "own" in the sense of "having control over it"
> > 
> > Then it may be difficult to get the point for non-native speakers.
> > 
> > Maybe we need something like 'The Phone that You Completely Own'?
> > 
> > -- hns
> I think it is difficult also for native speakers.
> Ask to someone if he owns his phone, the answer is 'yes' for sure.
> Then try to make it clear what we mean with 'to own' and you get a
> confused person who looks at you weirdly.
> (I tried once with a little girl playing with an iThing, and she looked
> at me weirdly. Those concepts seem to be really difficult to understand
> to the youngers, sadly.)
> The concept is clear for us, it should be clear also for the others.
> Joif

I think you ask for too much.  You can't explain all the issues to
someone who doesn't know anything about it in a slogan or even in a
sales leafleat or a short casual conversation. You would need much
more material and something to keep their attention for longer. You
would also probably need to start from something they've experienced
(DRM restrictions, deleted apps, short vendor support, but some
speficif case of it the person has lived). 

The other day a work mate (software engineer, by university degree and
working experience) asked me about secure boot because he wanted a new
laptop for Christmas.  Of the 2 or 3 others that were around nobody
seemed to remember that modern CPUs protect memory with MMUs, control
entry to protected mode or system management mode and once you get
verified boot the control of what is run is completely in the hands of
the private key holder (modulo any bugs). They were still in the
mindset "a computer is a computer, I give it code and it runs it". I
mean these people work with computers for a living and have studied
them, and even them need background on how the industry is screwing
us. It was rather easy with them, just a quick sketch got them to
guess more or less it was possible and get more in a modd like "wow,
so we're really 20 years past 1984 already, damn it". Ordinary people
simply don't have the background to understand most of it. It must
be like me about food safety or whether diesel pollutes more or less.

With such short texts you can only try to summarize what you want to
refer to, without defining it well enough. It is likely that only
people worried about how much control their phone will react, anyway,
but that'd be enough.  Then link to facts or something.

Even if you manage to teach all the issues you must still be ready to
find many people who don't care (enough). There are a lot of issues in
life and we don't all focus in all of them. Computing freedom just
isn't a priority for some people, just like dress code is not a
priority for some...

On the other hand I was trying to introduce a comparative to
relativise a little.  We're not done giving people complete freedom,
are we ? We'd like phones to be even freer than GTA04, GTA04 is just
as free as currently possible. In an ideal world everyone would have
the verilog source of every chip, and completly free toolchains,
drivers, firmwares, etc. So people may find us more honest if we just
tell them we're here to try and get a phone more free than most are,
and keep trying. I tend to reject superlative advertising like "the
fastest phone" or "the ever lasting battery" or "the phone you
completely own". For me it would be more attractive something like
"owning your phone a little more" or "a phone that's more under your
control" or "sure your phone's screen is bigger, her phone's battery 
lasts longer, and his phone company pockets are deeper, mine is just 
more mine, because I understand and control it more".

Btw, I might have forgotten some social feature, something like

   May you join in your phone ? Feel welcome

   Smartphone vendors compete telling you what you get from their phone.
   Open design communities collaborate asking what can you give to your/their/our phone.
   Any smartphone can get you logged into social networks, 
   this one comes from a community that welcomes your input. 
   You can meet, reach out and work with others to solve problems and 
   develop new features for your phone. 

Of course adapted to  whatever the slogan ends up being.
(this may not be attractive to many, but again, the point is not
convincing everyone, just getting the ones who may be interested
to buy/join/contribute) 

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