[Community] New Slogan

Xavi Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.cat
Fri Jan 10 15:32:25 CET 2014


May /you/ use your phone ? Feel freer !
(not sure about the exclamation mark)

There used to be customary to ask nicely before using other people's
belongings, but telcos, manufacturers, state agencies and whoever are
lately getting in the habit to use /your/ phone to spy,censor,track,
charge, control and disarm (or distool) you, while trying to make you
feel cool  about the remaining fucntionality you can
actually use for now in the phone you paid for. Nobody is waiting for
our permission anymore. It's now us who must make an effort to notice 

Completely avoiding all abuse would require you to control all networks 
and devices,
but some of us are working together to try to make available phone
hardware and software as supportive of your freedom as possible. You're
wellcome to join us.

May you use your phone ? Feel freer !
Nobody should be able to remotely uninstall the applications you have 
to use from your hardware. Get a phone where you can chose what runs on 

May you fix your phone ? Feel enabled !
You should have enough information about your devices to be able to fix 
or choose who fixes them in case something breaks. One broken component 
not need a whole new phone.

May you enhance your phone ? Feel creative !
Hardware or software personalisations require both disclosed information 
legal authorisation from rightholders. This allows new cases, 
operating modes or applications.

May you trust your phone ? Feel informed !
The balance of privacy, security and simplicity should be for each user 
to decide.
To audit a system you new to know which parts of the design are well 
documented and
open to inspection and which are kept secret to just some parties, an 
then pick
your risks in your communications.

May you undesrtand your phone ? Feel curious !
Openness is not only a necessity but an opportunity to learn and share 
with a community of likely minded learners. Opaqueness does not instill 

May you brick your phone ? Feel courageus !
You can always break your toys, but devices should not be designed to 
stop working
the moment you try to do something different with them.

May you value your phone ? Feel critic !
When companies exploit power imbalances, network effects and economies 
of scale to market
short ultimate tech lived products cheaper and cheaper you are left 
pondering whether you
really want to take part in that unsustainable wheel and how much your 
device costed you
and whom else. The ecosystems enabled by openness and the collaborative 
workflow at least
allow for progressively improving also the ethical considerations.

Well, just my 2c I'm horrible at marketing.

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