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thanks, Nikolaus, for all the info you gave so far. Hereby I commit some
more time in the future to collect and perform further researches on
mentioned vendors.

This said, I need to politely disagree with your expectation of what is
possible. I surely trust your experiences and see that *so far* there
was nearly no attention on this topic in mainstream media.

However seeing giant apple moving (a bit), means _we_ made a bit of
progress. Let me share a little story to hopefully motivate you to keep
on this topic.

At the BUKO[1] 2012 in Erfurt - a yearly non-profit self-organized
assembly with a wide spectrum of political topics - a workshop on
Foxconn was held talking about working conditions, global awareness and
trade in general. One visitor told about observations during a visit to
china and presented a movie on Foxconn they produced.
During the year some news articles have been published that even hit
mainstream media and in the end Foxconn declared to raise wages and
accept some fundamental rights for their workers.
In reaction because of raising costs apple decided to drop Foxconn and
contracted another China based company. Does anybody remember the name?

Now that fairphone - as a result of the conclusion that we can't change
big business, but need to develop alternatives - made serious progress,
apple tries to delude people by some half hearty promises.

> > Am 03.02.2014 18:26, schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
> >> Anyways, if we find volunteers who want to manage/update/maintain
> >> such a supply chain tree I can try to provide some background
> >> information. BR, Nikolaus 

I am currently writing an article on risks of using software and devices
for activism to be published in the next edition of the open medium
gruenes-blatt.de which is part of an ongoing series as mentioned some
time ago. (This is not meant as advertisement, but if you are
interested in articles on phones published in the last edition have a
look here[2]).

For this edition I will add a note on your plans to improve
supply chain transparency including a call for support doing
researches and visualization.

Whenever you stumble upon tiny bits on this topic, please cc me (or
the list if it is relevant) and I will add them to the reservoir[3]. I
hope you are fine with reordering your sentences there.

Finally we have a lot of possibilities (and IMHO duties) when ordering
hardware. For example during negotiations (even with big vendors) we can
request information by sending a simple letter. Just the matter of fact
to receive such a letter for the first time will raise awareness in the
management of these companies.
If they decide to ignore or lie, this is something we can work with as
well by compiling results of such a research.

Also publishing a call for eyewitness reports on working conditions is
a great piece to start with. If goldendelicous decides to formally make
this step, we can forward this letter to working collectives around the
world and republish their findings in the future.

What do you think about approaches to 'green economy' and how we could
add something to the debate?[4]

All the best and keep up the good work!

[1] buko.info
[2] http://www.wiki.gruenes-blatt.de/index.php/Kategorie:Technik
[3] https://we.riseup.net/opensourcehardware/fairness

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