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Kero openphoenux at chmeee.dyndns.org
Wed Jun 19 12:01:46 CEST 2013

> >Generally Fairphone goes into the same "niche" as "Fair Trade"
> >e.g. Coffee.

As much as I dislike (using) hypes, Mr Obama is in Berlin today.
How many OpenPhoenuxes could you sell to the crowd over there?

> >Maybe it is just a sophistic interpretation of words ("masses") where
> >we appear to disagree...
> That would appear so: I wouldn't have considered Fair Trade coffee
> to be a "niche" product.  However, I've never studied marketing so I
> only have a lay understanding of these terms.

The beauty of world-wide economy is that "niche" can still be as large as "mass" was once.
if OpenPhoenux would be 0.01 % of the (say 1 billion units) market, it would sell 100k units.

> >As a side-note: Do you know that there are complete cordless phones
> >(incl. charger, cables, manual, package) sold at 9,99 USD and GSM
> >phones for 12.95 USD?
> Yes, in fact it's cheap no-frills GSM phones that I'm thinking of as
> ones which are used for 10 years by people who have no interest in
> anything but making phone calls occasionally :-)

I have one of those. No worries of being pickpocketed, either.
I doubt it will survive 10 years. For that price-point, I expect 3-5 years.


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