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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Jun 8 21:39:41 CEST 2013


Am 08.06.2013 um 19:53 schrieb Bob Ham:

> On Sat, 2013-06-08 at 17:07 +0200, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> My main point is that we (the Openphoenux community) already
>> posesses such a module (the GTA04 with B2B connectors)
> Erm.. eh?  A GTA04 with B2B connectors is nothing like an EOMA68 module.
> The B2B connector is an internal board connector.  It would be valid to
> compare the B2B connector to an ISA slot whose pins had been reassigned
> for multi-function I/O, but not to an EOMA68 card.
> PCMCIA was an "enhanced" ISA slot in a consumer-oriented form factor
> intended for plugging and unplugging peripherals.  Everything that

How many Notebooks still have a slot for plugging and unplugging peripherals?
Most peripherals that have been swapped in the past are now integrated (WLAN,
Bluetooth, Ethernet, UMTS, Big Flash) or plugged through USB or just connected
through Bluetooth. USB/BT were invented around 15 years ago to solve problems
of the PCMCIA approach.

> PCMCIA had above ISA, Cardbus had above PCI, and ExpressCard has above
> PCI-E, EOMA68 has above the GTA04 B2B connector.

Eh? Sorry but I don't get it... EOMA is NOT PCMCIA. I.e. you can't plug it into
an Sharp Zaurus or can you? AFAIK it is just a reuse of some long defined 68 pin
B2B connector.

The only difference I see is that it is specified for more plug-cycles than a standard
B2B connector. And this requires heavy swapping of such devices.

>> Or if they are used widely, I would be happy to learn what there
>> is different making them more attractive.
> As an EOMA user, I will be able to push a button on the side of my EOMA
> tablet, eject the CPU, and then insert it into my EOMA desktop.  Or into
> my EOMA laptop.

Yes. But what is it good for?

> As I understand it, I won't be able to push a button and take the GTA04
> board out of the planned GTA04-based tablet, and then take it to some
> other device and plug it in.  Unless you have some unpublished
> GTA04-as-pluggable-module mechanical specs you haven't told us about?

No that is not possible and intended with the GTA04.

But I simply do not have the use-case to swap CPUs more than every some years.
I can swap memory cards or data (wireless or by cable) between devices.

So in my (very personal of course) view it is a solution to a rarely existing problem
or where (in my view) better solutions already exist.

Others may see it differently of course.

>> But you still have to throw away or recycle EOMA modules with additional
>> components you wouldn't need when buying a fully integrated new device.
>> So you just keep the display and win a useless CPU module.
> You seem to believe the market would have only "fully integrated new
> device"s and nothing else.  Why do you believe components won't be on
> the market by themselves?  In your example, why would you not buy just a
> new display component?

My answer may sound funny: Because I don't need to. If I have to buy another
component (display) to have two working devices around the CPU modules
afterwards, I can also buy a completely new device and keep the old one untouched.
As long as they are software-compatible (or can be made) I am happy.


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